Hello Families:

Fall is here once again and it's time to have your portraits updated!

For those of you who would like to venture outside the studio this year, we are offering three additional locations:

1. OSU Campus - Around the Oval/Mirror Lake area.  Beautiful foliage and lots of scenic backdrops, right in the heart of the Buckeye Nation.

2. Downtown Columbus - Experience the urban ambiance and fast-paced setting of downtown.  We will explore historical landmarks such as The State House to the colorful Pearl Alley.

3. The Scioto Mile - Let the towering buildings of downtown Columbus be the backdrop of your photos, explore the riverfront for some of the most gorgeous, scenic spots.

Due to lighting, weather and scheduled events, availability and session time are limited. So please reserve your session early, and receive our special location rates.

Your portrait session will always be expertly crafted, complete with guidance and warm hospitality.  Most importantly, we will continue to consistently deliver the quality and timeless sophistication you've come to expect.

Hope to see your family soon!